perlmqmsgque 9.0
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Example: MyTransaction

Documentation of the MyTransaction tool used for example.test.


The MyTransaction tool is used to test the longterm-transaction-feature of perlmqmsgque.

To test this feature the client connect to the server and send two service-calls:

  • one longterm-transaction-service-call using the low-api
  • one longterm-transaction-service-call using the high-api

The service-call itself is quite simple:

  • the private part is a string : Privat_Data_1 or Privat_Data_2
  • the public part is an integer : 1111 or 2222

The GOAL for this test is:

  • test the longterm-transaction-feature
  • test the BufferListCheckOptionC with and without default-value
  • test the callback-feature with and without error

CODE client

use strict;
use warnings;
use PerlMqMsgque;

sub callback {
  my $ctx = shift;

  my $myPrivateHandle = $ctx->ReadC();
  my $myServiceResult = $ctx->ReadI();

  print "myPrivateHandle=$myPrivateHandle, myServiceResult=$myServiceResult\n";

package main;
  my $ctx = MqContextC->new();
  eval {

    # setup commandline arguments used for parsing
    my $args = MkBufferListC->CreateVA(@ARGV);

    # check if the '--token' option is available, default "SRVC"
    my $token = $args->CheckOptionC("--token", "SRVC");

    # connect to the server

    # register callback
    $ctx->ServiceCreate("CLB1", \&callback);
    # send block using the LOW-Api
    $ctx->SendEND_AND_TRANSACTION($token, "CLB1");
    # send block using the HIGN-Api -> same as above, but shorter
    $ctx->Send("T", "CLB1", "$token:(C)I", "Privat_Data_2", 22222);
    # now we wait for exact ONE result of the "ctx"
  } or do {